A Special Sunday with your Mum


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A Special Sunday with your Mum

Mother’s Day is on 30th March this year which falls on a Sunday. So there’s no need to panic and rush to the petrol station to buy flowers. Instead we at Multibrands invite you to visit https://shop.multibrands.eu.com/ for buying your mum a pack of Lipice, and we will ship out your order at the earliest. To redeem a *20% discount (exclusive of shipping charges and for UK citizens only) on purchase of Lipice Original, Lipice Strawberry Touch, Lipice Suncare, Lipice Anti-Wrinkle or Lipice Pink Gloss from the eCommerce Multibrands site https://shop.multibrands.eu.com/ apply the promo code MDMW20. Don’t wait any longer; visit the Multibrands eCommerce site https://shop.multibrands.eu.com/ and get your mum a pack of Lipice this Mother’s Day.

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