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Multibrands Blog

Multibrands at Spring Fair 2016

This year, spring comes early as NEC Birmingham hosts once again what is known to be the best fair in the United Kingdom! And of course, since we love to connect with our clients and business partners as often as we can, we could not miss this event!

The Spring Fair is THE place where retailers and manufacturers exhibit only the must-have products on the market right now! This year, the event will reunite approximately 2300 exhibitors – and with 13 different show sectors…

5 tips to choose the perfect Supacell LED for you

In a world with so many options for… well, everything, even choosing a light bulb has become a challenge. If you’ve already decided to go with the trend and narrow it down to LEDs, there are still some factors to consider before taking your money out of your pocket.

Why? Because more than ever, there’s an overwhelming number of LED options,…

Which Supacell LED should I choose for outdoor decoration?

If you’re new to the LED world, you probably have no idea what would go best with your outdoor space. Relax, besides landscape designers and LED manufacturers, nobody does. You probably just have a picture in your head with how you’d love your house to look like, but nothing more.

Well, this is where we come in – to fill in the gaps and help you make the best choice.

Multibrands launches the latest LED technology!

People, get ready to have your world changed! This month, we make history as we launch a revolutionary line of products! Supacell LED – the newest member of the Multibrands family – will bring so many improvements to your life that you’ll wonder how you lived without it until now!

3 year guarantee. 25 years lifespan. 90% energy savings. 83 colors!

We did it again!

For the second year in a row, we set camp in Bolivia and it was just as great as we remembered it to be! Santa Cruz hosted the Expocruz fair, one of the largest trade show displays (not only nationally, but in South America as well!) and we couldn’t miss the chance to be there again.

Last year, we had a complete blast, and so did the visitors!

Multibrands exceeded expectations in Germany!

September 24th marked the closing of yet another great IAW exhibition, this year held in Koln. At its 22nd edition, the International Trade Fair for Retail Promotion and Imports brought over 300 exhibitors together and eased the start for new partnerships.

Thanks to Dentorado, our partner to this event and a well known dental care products retailer in Germany,

IAW exhibition, here we come!

At Multibrands, we like to consider ourselves globetrotters. With open markets in over 150 countries, we seek to expand continuously and get acquainted with new cultures every year. This September, we have a trip to Germany on our agenda as well.

Not because we heard that Koln – our target city – is beautiful this time of year, although that will be one of the perks.