DW 2014: Student led charity


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DW 2014: Student led charity fashion show

Celebrating its thirteenth year, DONT WALK the largest student-led invite only fashion show in the United Kingdom, continues to serve its goal of bringing the community together to celebrate “fashion, creativity, and self-expression while raising money for charity.

Founded in 2001 as a reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the students have ever since organised a show every year in collaboration with charity programs to support the lives of others. DONT WALK celebrates freedom of expression and individuality.

Throughout the years the show has proudly supported many worthy causes established in the same spirit as DONT WALK; organizations and people who chose action in the face of adversity. DONT WALK is supporting two great charities this year that address the prevention of conflict through education (Anichra) and support victims in the aftermath of conflict (Coalition for Work With Psychotrauma and Peace).

1st March 2014 hosted this annual fashion show at Bowhouse, near Anstruther. This annual fashion show continues to spark curiosity and maintain the air of fashion.

Dont Walk Charity Fashion Show 2014 in St. Andrews, Scotland was attended by over 900 attendees and received support from several sponsors like Multibrands International Limited.

Three of the products from the Multibrands International Limited product portfolio which are Fluorodine Toothpaste, Essence and Lipice were part of the Dont Walk goody bag.

The committee organising this show should be proud of the professional expertise they are able to bring to the show – we are excited to see what will come next.

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