Essence sanitary pads get a makeover!



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Essence sanitary pads get a makeover!

We are happy to announce that the upcoming months will mark a series of exciting changes for our brands.

The first one to step into the limelight will be our Essence range, which is now in the final stages of getting an important upgrade!

Starting this October, all stocks will have the top sheet improved with the latest innovation on the market – the Pearl 3D fabric.

Based on the composite hot air non woven fabric, Pearl 3D has a special, wavy surface which brings a series of advantages.

The high elastic special fibre ensures that the surface remains dry even when squeezed. With each movement of the body, the surface layer will breathe out moisture and intake dry air to keep skin comfortable.
The special components in the fabric also ensure a wider, faster absorption.

The hot air fabric significantly reduces the side leakage and at the same time, it increases the absorption power.

Thanks to the pearl bumps, the fabric overall is more breathable, making the sanitary pads incredibly comfortable.

The double layer composite material makes the top sheet ultra fine and flexible. Thanks to the high elastic special fibre, the surface looks AND feels softer to the touch.
If you are interested in finding out more about the improved products, give us a call at 01274307310 or drop us an email at – we are happy to help!

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