Fluorodine Toothpaste Range, Now with a Flip-Top Cap



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Fluorodine Toothpaste Range, Now with a Flip-Top Cap

Since its launch in 2005, Fluorodine has established itself as a trusted brand that combines a high quality product with upmarket packaging at a great price. That is why our customers love it and Fluorodine has become the brand of choice for millions of people around the world.

Fluorodine fans can be delighted with regular updates that include refinements in product development and amazing pack designs. A distinct pack with a fresh looking design that meets current market trends is crucial for the brand’s success and Fluorodine consumers can feel confident to be associated with the brand.

New Advanced Fluorodine toothpaste is now available with a convenient flip-top cap. It is effortless to open and has the advantage of being easy to store upright. The risk of dropping the cap is no more as the top folds back on a hinge and is easily replaced after use. Now your toothpaste can look great and stand prominently alongside others in your cabinet.

The Fluorodine toothpaste range now also features a new eye-catching premium foil box which enhances the look and feel of the pack, really making Fluorodine stand out from the crowd. The new foil pack also helps to seal in the freshness for an increased shelf life. But don’t expect Fluorodine to stay on the shelf for too long. We believe Fluorodine is the most amazing toothpaste currently available.

Fluorodine is produced by Multibrands International Limited, one of the UK’s leading FMCG companies and LED lighting manufacturer and distributor. For more information on Fluorodine products, please visit: www.fluorodine.eu.com

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