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Harvest Festival Project -Big achievements through simple means

Harvest Festival Project was initiated by JCI Bradford a local membership organisation with the core value to help eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. JCI Bradford ran this pilot Harvest Festival in 2013 from Monday 23rd September to Friday 25th October. The appeal received a good response and was supported by Bradford Grammar School, Bankfoot Primary, Iqra Primary, Dixons Trinity Primary and Multibrands International Limited.

We heard about the project from a student at Bradford Grammar School and were eager to take part in that noble cause. So we decided to donate 200 sets of Fluorodine toiletries including toothbrushes and toothpastes and also 200 sets of Tushies premium moisturising baby wipes. It was an immense pleasure to be associated with JCI Bradford in their project of helping the people of Bradford.

Below are Charlotte Bastain and Magda Dziurkowska both of Horton Housing Association, Bradford who received the donations from Multibrands International Limited. More details about the activity can be read by visiting the following link http://www.jcibradford.org.uk/blog/2013/10/a-simple-idea-achieves-big-results/

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