Hunnies and Tushies – now developed with Pearl 3D technology!



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Hunnies and Tushies – now developed with Pearl 3D technology!

As per usual, we started yet another new year full speed ahead and we are now ready to take the industry by storm!

Continuing with our series of good news regarding brand development, we are very happy to announce you that our premium baby wipes – Tushies and Hunnies – have also recently gone through a makeover!

The ranges are now developed with Pearl 3D fabric – this unique technology ensures a series of improved benefits, such as:

  • Increased breathability
  • Increased softness
  • Thicker spun lace for extra quality

This adds up to the already existing amazing features of the products:

  • Extra moisturization thanks to the lotion infusion
  • Ph balanced formula
  • No toxic ingredients
  • Extra Aloe Vera and Camomile infusion for a delicate skin care

Furthermore, both Tushies and Hunnies are now available in 56 packs (re-sealable or cap closure)–orders can be placed starting February 10th 2017.

Make sure you contact us and get the early bird discount!

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