IAW exhibition, here we come!



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IAW exhibition, here we come!

At Multibrands, we like to consider ourselves globetrotters. With open markets in over 150 countries, we seek to expand continuously and get acquainted with new cultures every year. This September, we have a trip to Germany on our agenda as well. Not because we heard that Koln – our target city – is beautiful this time of year, although that will be one of the perks.

We are very excited as we are going to take part to the 2015 IAW Exhibition – the 22nd International Trade Fair for Retail Promotion and Imports!
As the event planners themselves announced, we will be getting down to some serious business from September 22nd to September 24th!

With more than 300 exhibitors and an impressive product range (textiles, decorative items, electronic goods, tools, toys, games, health and beauty products etc), the trade is known to be THE place where exhibitors fill their order books and where sales are made on the spot.

For this special event, we joined forces with DENTORADO – you will be able to find both our products line at Hall 10.2, booth K060. We will be up and running from 09.00 to 18.00.

DENTORADO is a well known oral and dental care products retailer in Germany, founded in 2007. Since then, they’ve grown and continuously exceeded customer expectations with their quality products, quick and safe delivery and great prices.

Thanks to the support DENTORADO gave us, people in Germany will have the opportunity to check out our products for themselves BEFORE THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH ON THE MARKET (which will happen very soon!) – either they’re looking to develop their business or they’re simply customers looking for new products to love.

Looking forward to being there!

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