Multibrands launches the latest LED technology!



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Multibrands launches the latest LED technology!

People, get ready to have your world changed!

This month, we make history as we launch a revolutionary line of products! Supacell LED – the newest member of the Multibrands family – will bring so many improvements to your life that you’ll wonder how you lived without it until now!

In a world with so many options for… well, everything, even choosing a light bulb has become a challenge. But now we can make your decision a million times easier! How? Just have a look at these numbers:

3 year guarantee. 25 years lifespan. 90% energy savings. 83 color rendering index.  Needless to say, Supacell LED sells itself.

Developed using the A+ Smart LED technology, Supacell will bring you the best light quality and enormous cost savings! Add this to other amazing features – no mercury leaks (the best choice if you want to be eco friendly!), no flickering, dimmable versions available and remote programming via mobile technology – and you’ve got yourself a product designed for success!

Supacell LED light bulbs come in the most different shapes and sizes, thus offering you a complete and versatile collection (from classic to flood lights and reflectors), prone to go even with the most whimsical arrangement and setup ideas!

These revolutionary products will exceed expectations among high tech lovers, as well as among consumers looking for quality products and alternative ways of cutting energy costs.

As excited as we are? Great! You can check out our catalogue for more details here:

Or the official website here:

Join the LED experience NOW! Place your order at or at 44 (0) 1274 307310.

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