Multibrands Products Helping in Bolivia


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Multibrands Products Helping in Bolivia

Davosan is a non-profit social aid and charitable institution that operates in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and is located on Santa Bárbara Street, near the San Juan de Dios Hospital which is run by volunteers.

Davosan provides basic medications and even helps paying for people who cannot afford the medical treatment they need.

In order to continue saving lives, DAVOSAN Foundation celebrated its twentieth telethon in a new version on Saturday 19th July 2014 in the school La Salle Coliseum. This day of solidarity not only aims to raise money to buy medicines for the needy, but this year a hemodialysis center was opened that allows care for patients suffering from chronic renal failure (CRF).

DAVOSAN serves more than 900 people associated with CKD; therefore set the target to open a hemodialysis center. In the first step it is contemplated installing ten machines in DAVOSAN Diagnostic Unit (UDD), which will require an investment of nearly 3.5 million Bs. A second phase will be the construction of a specialized center that will have 60 machines and dialyzer that will materialize in 2014.

Keeping in line with its corporate commitment towards society, Multibrands Bolivian client E Farma , participated in the telethon this year.

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