Secret Santa Appeal


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Secret Santa Appeal

JCI Bradford a local membership organisation successfully managed to collect a total of 3,508 presents for the Secret Santa Appeal. Secret Santa appeal has been running successfully for 24 years now. The goal of this project is to provide presents at Christmas to needy and underprivileged children.

This appeal received fabulous support from several schools and organisations namely UKAR Ltd (formerly Bradford and Bingley), Bradford Grammar School, Gordons LLP, and Heaton Medical Centre, Blakehill Primary School, M&SWincanton, Pudsey Legal, Netherall Learning Campus, The Cooperative Funeralcare – Longfield House , Mirriam Lord Community Primary School, Bradford University, Bradford Chamber, Multibrands International, Last Cawthra Feather, Christeyns UK, Skipton Properties, HMRC-Shipley and The Lewis Group. More details about this entire appeal can be read by visiting the following link

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