Supacell LR1- Now small electronic devices will last 6x longer


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Supacell LR1- Now small electronic devices will last 6x longer

With excellent design, reliability, performance and quality, Supacell Digital Alkaline and Supacell Power Plus batteries from the Multibrands portfolio have met fantastic consumer response. The attractive packaging of Supacell batteries has striking shelf appeal and also encourages impulse sales.

LR1 (1.5v) is the latest product extension within the category Supacell Digital Electronic Batteries category. This product extension is a small size alkaline battery for electronic devices. LR1 is an alkaline battery by IEC standards which is known as N size batteries as well.

This size of battery is useful for some small flashlights, remote control door chimes, glucose meters, wireless microphones, laser pointers, small desk clocks etc.

Taking its worldwide customer base into account the packaging indicates the important product features in multiple languages, QR code and important warnings and instructions.

To understand more information about this product call on 44(0) 1274 307310 or email to

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